Activated carbon can be used in a host of environmental sustainability applications, due to its incredible properties as an absorbent of unwanted elements, pollutants, and contaminants from an assortment of gases and liquids. This is why activated carbon is being used more and more as environmental regulations are increasing. Combined with the sustainability benefits of the Activated Carbon that ACI produces, our plants also have a unique sustainability feature.

Here are some key areas in which activated carbon and ACI is contributing to better environmental sustainability:


Not only are ACI's plants Eco-friendly in their operational design, but they are also designed in order to utilize cutting-edge energy reclamation technology that  recycles the energy generated during the pyrolysis process in the production of activated carbon. Through a unique parasitic reheating process, gases liberated in the pyrolysis process are used as a media to produce the AC product and assist in the energy required to activate the AC. This energy recycling/conservation allows ACI to go above and beyond in our dedication to maintaining a green footprint.


Activated carbon can contribute to sustainability by the very fact that it is able to be regenerated. This is done by "desorbing" the previously absorbed unwanted components and reactivating the activated carbon for use again. This is another reason that activated carbon is an essential tool in the goal; to move towards a more sustainable world.


Due to its absorbent properties activated carbon is incredibly effective in the absorbing of unwanted components from gases and is thus an indispensable asset in the field of air control and purification.

Exhaust flue gas treatment is one area activated carbon is most used in air purification. Flue gas from incinerators and smelters produce many harmful pollutants that activated carbon is more successful at removing than traditional gas treatment techniques.


Activated Carbon is used as an essential tool in water treatment in both municipal and industrial uses. It is used to absorb and remove components from what will become drinking water. Activated carbon is also used in groundwater remediation removing volatile organic compounds and in the treatment of leachate from landfills.

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